Unexpected Adventures Make for Better Stories: Costa Rica Summer 2016

Costa Rica has always been one of the places that I thought I would love to go to someday. Someday became this year very unexpectedly though. You see I was originally going to go to Disneyland during this time but when the opportunity presented itself to go on a Mission Trip to San Jose, Costa Rica, I jumped at the opportunity.  Their would be a group of about 40 of us going and we would be in two teams; a construction team and a VBS team. The construction team would be providing materials and labor for The Rahab Foundation which is a non-profit helping to rescue people who have been part of the sex trafficking industry. This new Farm would provide counseling and job training to establish a new life.  The VBS team worked with the small town of Los Cuadros which translates to “The Block”. I fell in love with this town and the people. The local church we were working with welcomed us in and made us feel right at home. Even though there didn’t speak the best Spanish and most of them didn’t speak the best English we quickly became a great team.  Whether it was working together to get everything together for the VBS or just getting to know one another during meals and coffee breaks (they have the best cookies here too) we became one team.  Seeing the love for their community and dedication to serving their community ignited a fire to have the same love for my own community. I think the momoment that impacted me the most was when on of the ladies from the trip gave us each a handmade painted flag that had the word “Hero” on it. You see the real heroes are the people who live in this community and are working to be the light and reach out to the hurting every day. Hearing the stories from this community were not only inspiring and touching but life changing. To hear how much these people had over come and for each and every person the turning point in their lives was when they met Jesus. To say Costa Rica was life changing would be a huge understatement. It really is true when they say that the unexpected adventures are the most rewarding.



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