Fairy Lake, Bozeman Montana


This was one of those places that I found on Pinterest and it almost seemed to be too beautiful to be real.  But with my upcoming trip to Yellowstone I knew that I would be able to see for myself.  A word of advice though the (Fairy Lake Road) road is rough, really rough especially in a small rental car everything that we had read said that you could make it in a car but there are huge ruts in the road and large rocks that a small car could easily get stuck.  There is also no cell service once you turn down the dirt road so best to play it safe.  With all this being said we were determined to get there so we parked the car and hiked the rest of the way in.  It’s a relatively easy hike but took us about 45 minutes (we were at the halfway point when we parked the car) the road by car takes about an hour.  Allow lots of time to spend at the lake as it’s beautiful plus there are also a lot of great trails nearby.  The water was cold but so clear you can see lots of fish swimming everywhere.  It would be a great lake to kayak in if you have one available.  The location of the lake itself is tucked out of view nestled into the side of snow capped mountains; trees line the whole lake making it very private.  This lake is an amazing gem in the mountains of Bozeman, Montanna.



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